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Using Adobe Presenter to Add Audio to Powerpoint Presentations

Using Adobe Connect 8 for Live Meetings

View an orientation to Adobe Connect Live Meetings

Getting Started
Accessing your Adobe Connect account for the first time print video 1:00
  Preparing your computer to host an Adobe Connect meeting print video 3:45
  Orientation to an Adobe Connect meeting print video 6:00
  Installing the Adobe Connect meeting add-in print video 1:17
Setting Up a Meeting
  Creating a new meeting print video 4:06
  Requirements for good audio print video 1:45
  Setup and calibrate your microphone print video 1:57
Conducting a Live Meeting
  Sharing a Powerpoint print video 2:20
  Sharing a PDF file print video 2:00
  Using a webcam during a live meeting print video 1:47
  Sharing your computer screen print video 2:01
  Using the chat pod print video 3:16
  Using the attendees pod print video 1:37
  Starting a private chat print video 2:46
  Enabling a participant's microphone print video 1:16
  Using the polling pod to survey/quiz participants print video 3:00
  Promoting a participant to "presenter" print video 1:00
  Enabling a participant to share their screen print video 1:39
  Recording a live meeting for later viewing print video 1:40
  For presenters: communicating with other presenters print video 2:11
Troubleshooting a Live Meeting
  Stopping audio feedback print video 2:39
  Rearranging pods print video 0:54
  Resizing pods print video 1:07
  Bringing back missing pods print video 2:10
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