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Adobe Connect Meeting Request

The Center for Instructional Delivery (CID) offers Adobe Connect webcasting services for USF faculty and staff, including consultation, training and support.

CID will provide a technical support person to setup your meeting as well as provide someone to attend your live meeting with you to do any necessary troubleshooting, if the need arises.

To get the process started, please complete this form at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled event.
Please complete this form for each separate meeting event.

1. Name: * required
2. Email Address:    *
3. College/Department: *
4. Phone Number: *
5. Is this for an online class? Please identify.
If not, disregard this question.
1. What is the title of this event? *
2. Date of the event: *
3. Meeting Start Time:
4. Meeting End Time: *
5. Meeting Host's Location:
(Room or Office)
Hosts and Presenters  
1. Are you leading this event? *
2. If you are not leading this event, please identify the lead host/presenter:
Name of Host
3. List any other presenters:
If there are other presenters, CID will need to contact them before the meeting date with simple orientation materials.

Please include any additional comments in the area below.


  • Access additional Adobe Connect resources at: learnit.stfrancis.edu
  • Call the Center for Instructional Delivery for personal help at 815-740-5080 or 866-337-1497 (toll-free) between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm CST or via email at cid@stfrancis.edu.

For internal use only:

Center for Instructional Delivery • University of St. Francis • Joliet, IL 60435 • [815] 740-5080 • cid@stfrancis.edu
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