A Suggested Workflow for Scheduling and Creating "Virtual Office Hours" for the students using the webinar tool, BigBlueButton, in Canvas.

BigBlueButton is a webinar-delivery tool that is built into Canvas, and is accessible via Conferences in the course menu. The procedures shown below suggest a means to notify students of upcoming webinars (or "Virtual Office Hours") that you would schedule on dates you select in the Canvas calendar. The goal is to help you become proficient on scheduling and starting a BigBlueButton Webinar by following the written steps and/or watching the screencast video.

Procedures (written-- click to expand)
  1. First you will schedule the "Virtual Office Hours" event on the course calendar. Select "View Calendar" in the sidebar from the Home Page view of your course.

  2. In the right sidebar the course you are working within should be selected (not grayed out). You can select other courses that you are associated with from the calendar tool, as well. The calendar view shows a full month with dates, and is navigable from month to month. Select an upcoming date.

  3. An "Edit Event" box will appear. Fill in the title of the event and adjust the date and time. Notice you can confirm the course the event appears within.

  4. Optional: Click "More Options", and enter some helpful information to the student, such as a suggestion that on the date and time of the event, the student should navigate to Conferences and join the Virtual Office Hours conference if it's already been started (by you).

  5. Click "Submit".

    Repeat Steps 2-5 for each calendar event you want to create. You can populate an entire course in this way with scheduled events such as Virtual Office Hours.

  6. Return to the course Home Page.

    Next, you will initiate a webinar, perhaps a day or a week before the webinar starts.

  7. Click "Conferences" in the course menu.

  8. At a time of your choosing (a day, a week, or perhaps an hour before it begins), click "New Conference".

  9. The New Conference editing window opens. Fill in the name (i.e., "Virtual Office Hours, date") and other fields as you see fit. Notice that the checkbox for inviting all course members is selected by default. You can uncheck this box and select students, individually.

  10. Click "Create Conference". A notification will be sent to all students who are invited to the conference; it will appear in their Groupwise (@stfrancis.edu) email.

  11. At the appointed time, start the conference. More information about BigBlueButton conferences area available via the Instructors Guide, accessible when you click Help in the Canvas global navigation bar (at the top). You must have a webcam and microphone operational for effective utilization of this webinar solution.

    Note: You cannot record a BigBlueButton conference. For that feature, you will need to use Adobe Connect (See Adobe Connectin Learnit).
Video Screencast