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Learner-Centered Teaching – Where Should I Start?

With learner-centered teaching, students take more responsibility for their learning. It’s an approach that focuses a teacher’s attention on what students are doing and deals with learning processes explicitly. However, the challenge for many faculty in attempting this approach is the simple fact that many students come to class so poorly prepared to learn. This 20-minute webinar shares and explains in detail three specific strategies demonstrating how learner-centered approaches can benefit teachers and students.

Cell Phones, Laptops & Facebook: What Can I Do About Them?

While making our lives easier, technology has also provided a number of new challenges in the classroom, particularly with cell phones, laptops and social networking sites. This 20-minute recorded webinar discusses strategies to effectively manage when, where and how these tools are used to support classroom learning, and how to set clear expectations and enforce them.

How Can Document Sharing Tools Help Students Collaborate?

Document sharing software is a proven and effective way to facilitate group projects. With capabilities that allow for shared review, editing and other tasks, document sharing improves collaborative learning by making interaction more streamlined, efficient and convenient. This 20-minute recorded webinar discusses strategies to use document sharing tools in the classroom.


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