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Building Web Pages with Kompozer

Kompozer helps you create and edit your own web pages and place them on the web. Kompozer looks and acts like a word processing program, and is just as easy to use. The basic elements of a web page are text, pictures, and links. You can put all of these and more on your own pages, and then publish those pages on the web.

Before you start using Kompozer, organize your work before you begin:

  1. Create a folder on your computer that will hold your web pages and your images.
  2. Gather any images you plan to include in your web page and put them in the folder created in step 1 - GIF for simple illustrations, JPG for photographs.
  3. Plan your web page(s) with a flowchart and/or storyboard.

Important Tips for Getting Started:

  • Your home page (the page you want immediately visible whenever someone browses to your web site) must be saved with the name index.htm.
  • When naming other web pages, you may use any name you want, making sure to use an extension of .htm.
  • Do not use spaces in your filenames and stick to lowercase letters in your filenames for consistency.

If you wish to use Kompozer, you can download it free:

Download Kompozer
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