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Working With Tables

Tables help you organize and present information, in a grid of columns and rows. You can also use one or more tables on a page when you want to have greater control over the layout of your text and images. You could create a borderless table that's the size of the entire page, for example, and then add text and images into the table's columns and rows to give your page a consistent, tidy appearance.

  1. In the Kompozer window, click in your document where you want the table to appear.
  2. Click the Table button on the Kompozer toolbar.


    From the menu bar, select Insert > Table.

  3. In the Insert Table dialog box, you can use your mouse to "draw" the number of cells and rows you need.

  4. Or you can choose "precisely" to enter the information that will constitute your table's dimensions and parameters.


  5. To enter information in the cells, just click within the cell and start typing.

Tips for New Users

  • To change table settings after you have inserted the table, click within the table and from the menu bar, select Format > Table Cell Properties.
  • If you click Apply before closing the Table Cell Properties window, you can preview your settings and make more changes before clicking OK and closing the Table Cell Properties dialog box.
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