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Microsoft Excel 2007

Download the Excel 2007 Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started
The Microsoft Office Button print    
  The Ribbon (Formerly the Toolbars) print    
  Quick Access Toolbar print    
Customizing the Excel Environment
  Setting Excel 2007 Options print    
Working With a Workbook
  Creating, Saving and Opening a Workbook print    
Manipulating Data
  Entering and Selecting Data print    
  Copy, Cut and Paste / Undo and Redo print    
  Auto Fill print    
Modifying a Worksheet
  Insert and Delete Cells, Rows, Columns print    
  Find and Replace / Go To Command print    
  Spell Check print    
  Format Worksheet Tabs / Reposition Worksheets print    
  Insert, Delete, Copy and Paste Worksheets print    
Performing Calculations
  Excel Formulas print    
  Functions print    
  Relative and Absolute References / Linking Worksheets print    
Formatting a Worksheet
  Convert Text to Columns print    
  Modify Fonts / Format Cells / Align Cell Contents print    
  Add Borders and Colors to Cells print    
  Change Width, Heighth / Hide and Unhide / Merge Cells print    
Sort and Filter
  Basic and Custom Sorts print    
  Filter print  
  Create and Modify a Chart print    
  Chart Tools print    
  Copy a Chart to Word print    
  Adding and Editing Pictures and Clip Art print    
  Adding Shapes and SmartArt print    
Page Properties and Printing
  Print Titles print    
  Header and Footer print    
  Page Margins and Page Orientation print    
  Page Breaks and Print Range print    
Customizing the Layout
  Split / Hide and Unhide Worksheets print    
  Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns print    

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