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Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

Download the Powerpoint 2010 Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started
The File Menu print video 2:16
  The Ribbon (Formerly the Toolbars) print  
  Quick Access Toolbar print  
  Navigation and Slide Views print video 1:32
Customizing the PowerPoint Environment
  Setting PowerPoint 2010 Options print video 2:15
Creating a Presentation
  Creating and Saving a New Presentation print video 2:42
  Adding Slides / Using Themes print video 2:58
Working With Content
  Enter and Select Text print video 2:52
  Cut., Copy and Paste / Undo and Redo print  
  Spell Check print  
Formatting Text
  Changing Font Sizes and Color / Font Styles and Effects print video 1:59
  WordArt print video 1:37
  Paragraph Alignment / Text Direction print video 1:41
Adding Content
  Resize a Textbox print video 1:51
  Bulleted and Numbered Lists print video 3:10
  Adding Video and Audio print video 4:30
  Create a Table, Enter Data print video 2:28
  Format a Table print video 1:55
  Insert Table from Word or Excel print video 1:27
  Create, Edit and Modify a Chart print video 3:52
  Chart Tools print  
  Paste a Chart from Excel print video 1:20
  Adding and Editing Pictures and Clip Art print video 1:57
  Adding Shapes, SmartArt and Photo Album print video 3:16
Slide Effects
  Slide Transitions and Animations print video 2:05
  Slide Show Options print video 3:36
  Speaker Notes print video 1:34
  Print / Package a Presentation print video 1:24
  Design and Presentations Tips print    

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