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Basic Steps For Creating Portal Content

  1. Ensure you are associated with a group that is responsible for publishing the content you want to post by clicking in the menu on “Your MyUSF Account Profile > Group Memberships and Subscriptions”.

  2. If you are not associated with a group, you can “Browse Existing Groups” and contact an existing group administrator to add you, or create your own group if one doesn’t already exist.

  3. Be sure to publish your content from groups that are relevant to your role(s) at USF and are relevant to the content you want to publish. This is to improve the targeting of information, since recipients of messages can choose to ignore all future content from a group. For example, it would not be wise for the IT Department group to publish an announcement to all Students to publicize a Karate Club. A Karate Club group should be set up first, and then an announcement published from the Karate Group. People can be in many groups.

  4. Create your content by going to “For Employees > Manage Portal Content”.

  5. Select the appropriate type of content to publish:
    1. Calendar Entries are for content that has a specific date and time when it occurs. This includes things such as events, meetings, deadlines, etc. These events will show up on the university calendar.
    2. Announcements are the electronic equivalent of posting a flyer on a bulletin board. The system automatically posts them for a specific date range and turns them off. You can see how many people view your announcement.
    3. Web Pages are just that: static information that is designed to permanently live in the portal. This may be a departmental or club homepage, tutorials, etc. Be sure to keep your content up to date so it does not age and provide misinformation in the future.
  6. Publish your content and determine the appropriate recipients of your content. Calendar entries are the only items that cannot be posted to everyone. University Relations is the only department that can publish calendar entries to the public. Otherwise, you may choose to target your content to existing groups, users, or dynamic groups that are automatically determined based on data in Banner (such as all current students majoring in history).

  7. If you need a folder to be able to publish web pages under the Departments, Colleges, or Committees, Clubs, and Organizations menu areas in the portal, then please contact Information Technology at 815-740-3432 and we will give you the appropriate privileges.


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